East Carolina Amateur Baseball League


Click on the link below for the season for which you wish to register.

  • The 18 and Older season is for all adult players. This is a 15-game season that begins March 6 with games played on Sundays.

  • The 35 and Older season is for players who will be 35 years old or older prior to the season-opening game on April 6. This is an eight-game season, with games played on Wednesday nights.

  • The Taxi Squad is essentially a list of players who missed the deadline for registration in the other seasons. When the link is active, adults can sign up to become "taxi players." These players may be asked to play if a team is short a player and needs help for an individual game. These taxi players may be asked to play at the last minute or several days before a game, depending on when a manager determines a player is needed. Teams may call up a member of the Taxi Squad and assign the player a permanent roster spot if a permanent player is needed, due to injury or some other reason. There is no cost to be on the Taxi Squad. If a player is added to the permanent roster, the player will need to pay the prorated registration fee for the remainder of the scheduled games.