East Carolina Amateur Baseball League


Whether you are paying league registration fees, tournament fees or any payment to the league, submitting the fee electronically is fast and secure. We use Google Pay because it is widely used and secured through Google.


  • Where do I send my payment: ecablboard@gmail.com

  • Why pay through Google? It's fast and secure.

  • How will I know you received it? Google Pay gives you a confirmation screen that your transfer was complete. The league will send you email confirmation when the payment was processed.

  • Can I use my phone to send the payment? Yes. You can use your phone, your computer or a tablet.

  • Can I use Google Pay for other things? Google Pay has been around for about a decade and can be used at many retailers like Panera, McDonalds and many other. Click here for more information.

  • Will this cost me anything? No. Creating a Google Pay account is free. Sending money is free. Transactions are free. Yes, free, free free.

  • Why is ECABL using Google Pay and not PayPal or another app? Free again. Google Pay will not cost the league anything. PayPal would cost the league a little chunk of change with every transaction. Using Google Pay means your money stays in the league and can be used for the betterment of the league -- field maintenance, umpires, etc.

  • How do I setup Google Pay? Click here.