East Carolina Amateur Baseball League

How would you like to hear about rain outs?

The East Carolina Amateur Baseball League is trying to communicate with players, managers and the community faster and on a more regular basis than in the past. We are doing that through this website and through the league's Facebook page.

Upcoming game schedules are posted on both sites prior to games. Game summaries are posted the night of the game or possibly later if managers do not submit any information. Schedules and standings are updated as scores are reported. League news is posted as it is announced. Photos from games are being posted, and that will increase as we move forward. Starting in a few weeks, we hope to post video from some games. Depending on the success of video posting, we may try to live stream the season-ending tournament or championship game.

The games today, Sunday, April 14, were postponed due to weather and field conditions. Because some players come from good distance each week to play, and because others want to know as early as possible to plan family time, we want to get the information to players and the community as early as possible when a rain out decision is made. We will be doing that three ways and in this order:

  • We will text message those who have signed up for text messaging communication. There are varying degrees of text messaging that we will do and that you can sign up for. You can sign up for rain out notification only or all league communication. All league communication could grow to one or two texts a week, but currently consists of rain out information and important information that players should know that comes from league board meetings.

  • We will post rain out information on the league's Facebook page.

  • We will post rain out information at the top of the front page of this website.

If you are satisfied with website and Facebook notification, go no further. To sign up for text messaging, click here and fill out the form.